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In the Veneto of vineyards and olive groves…

A land of passion, colours, light and flavours. The Euganean Hills, which rise in the heart of Veneto between the provinces of Padua and Vicenza, offer spectacular views and the unforgettable experience of being immersed in nature. The land’s volcanic soil encourages lush vegetation that covers the slopes with dense forests of chestnuts and oaks. The area’s mineral-rich volcanic soil is also exceptionally well-suited for agricultural crops, with grapevines clearly predominating.  Grapes of different shapes and colours, both native and international, cover slopes and valleys that offer ideal conditions for growing various varieties. The Mediterranean climate in certain parts of the region offers particularly favourable conditions and also permits the cultivation of olives, a crop that is well-established in several areas of the Euganean Hills.

The historical, traditional union of grapevines and olive groves, wine and oil, in the region have become our passion, as well as a symbol of our mission to rediscover authentic flavour and strengthen our ties to our land.

…our story begins

Le Volpi Farm stands amidst vineyards and olive groves in the heart of Baone, the centre of a large municipality that lies on the eastern slopes of the Euganean Hills. The Rossi Luciani family revived the formerly abandoned farm, focusing on the production of high-quality wines and extra-virgin olive oil. The family took inspiration from the region’s finest products, demonstrating their respect for the land and its ancient oenological and agricultural traditions. By combining the region’s past with innovation – continuing the agricultural traditions of the Euganean Hills while focusing on a specialized product – we can offer high-quality products whose every aspect, from taste to aroma, from texture to appearance, is a journey back in time. Le Volpi Farm has increasingly focused on providing guests with a truly exceptional experience. With this objective in mind, remodelling was carried out in 2012 to create a country chic atmosphere. This further evidences our attentiveness to guests and our love of hospitality, and also demonstrates that the closer the connection between people and the fruits of the land, the more refined the experience. The result is bucolic elegance in a unique setting, a mixture of sophistication and rusticity that sets the tone for the entire stay, immersing the guest in a past filled with love of the land and attention to detail.

"Appetite does not grow with eating, but with fasting" Totò

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