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The best cycling routes in the Euganean Hills close to our farm.

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Cycling holidays for families are a simple and healthy way to spend time with your dear ones while enjoying a memorable experience surrounded by nature and the varied landscape of the Euganean Hills.

The area has a large number of cycling routes with different levels of difficulty. They are an excellent way to spend a few days outdoors, cycling without any cares and focusing on the natural and artistic wonders of the area.

Cycling, in a natural environment, is a sport that is not only good for the eyes but also for the body, since it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and does not overload leg joints. In fact, an hour of cycling lowers stress levels and allows you to burn up to 500 calories.

So go ahead with this sport, and take your children, who will have great fun spending time with their family, discovering new things around them every time and adding to their very important cultural background: a love of nature and the creatures that live in it.

We can recommend many cycling tours. Some are also ideal for beginners such as the Cycling tour of sanctuaries in Abano Terme, which includes cycling routes and dirt roads of varying distances and difficulty.

Another very interesting route is the circular cycle route around the Euganean Hills, which goes from the Bassanello area in Padua to Vò Vecchio, Bastia di Rovolon or Montegrotto, through places of archaeological interest such as the Castello del Catajo, Villa Capodilista, the Duomo di Este, the Castello di Valbona and many others. This route goes through a large part of the province of Padua, passing a series of monuments and buildings of great artistic value.

If it is your first time exploring the Euganean Hills by mountain bike, the first route we recommend is quite hard but very rewarding. It involves a round trip of the large Valle di Teolo, cycling along the escarpments and ridges of the area in the far north-east of the Euganean Hills.

For city bike enthusiasts, we recommend a route that leads from Este to Montagnana, which partly follows the bank of the River Frassine. It is surrounded by a landscape far away from the industrial buildings and busy roads, where nature and the scenery offer many places worth visiting.

Do you want to visit the area south of Padua? Then the route for you is the Giro Cicloturistico that explores the countryside of Conselvano, a huge stretch of plain surrounded by the Euganean Hills and bordered by the Battaglia Canal and the River Bacchiglione-Roncajette.

Whatever route you decide to take, the Euganean Hills area will certainly not disappoint you!
If you require further information, please contact us and we will gladly help.