Horse riding

Horse riding in the Euganean Hills close to our farm.

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One of the trips in the Euganean Hills we recommend is horse riding, an activity that lets you spend time surrounded by nature and in contact with landscapes whose beauty fills our hearts and eyes.

Horse riding trips are an experience that provides plenty of enjoyment and adventure depending on the route you decide to take. You can let yourselves be led on an exciting journey to see the flora and fauna of the Euganean Hills. The landscape you encounter on these routes features vineyards, olive groves and woods, with various types of plants in amazing colours in autumn and spring.

Are you ready to start this new adventure?

Montagnon horse-riding centre

The Montagnon horse-riding centre in Montegrotto Terme has always been committed to spreading a love of the environment, nature and the pursuit of culture. It provides both equipment and training!

Via Mezzavia 49, Mezzavia, Montegrotto terme (PD)
Tel +39 049 793289

Associazione Sport Equestri

Also in Abano Terme you can find a horse riding school featuring English riding and show jumping.

Via Appia Monterosso 56, Abano Terme (PD)
Tel +39 049 8601687
Fax +39 049 8601687

Star’s Ranch

In the Torreglia area, you can find the Star’s Ranch, a riding school for training, which organises horse riding tours, trips and excursions.

Via Roberto Ferruzzi 38/a, Luvigliano, Torreglia (PD)
Tel +39 340 4257791

Circolo Ippico Villa Trento

Then in Cervarese Santa Croce, a magical place surrounded by nature, you can find the Circolo Ippico Villa Trento, a place where you can experience a positive atmosphere, where horses are the absolute protagonists.

Via Roma 1, Cervarese Santa Croce (PD)
Tel +39 328 2293318