Città turistiche

The best towns to visit close to the Euganean Hills and our farm.We are situated in the heart of the Euganean Hills and in the middle of a territory rich in beautiful cities of art and culture.

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Città turistiche

The best towns to visit close to the Euganean Hills and our farm.We are situated in the heart of the Euganean Hills and in the middle of a territory rich in beautiful cities of art and culture.

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In the Middle Ages, Padua was a cultural capital and home to one of the oldest universities in the world. The city boasts masterpieces such as the cycle of frescoes painted by Giotto for the Cappella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni Chapel) in the 14th century. It is a destination for many pilgrims coming from all over the world to visit the Basilica of Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony), where the body of the saint is housed.


Venice, the city built on water, developed its wealth by trading with the East by sea. Today, Byzantine influences in mosaics and gold are still visible, indicating the prestigious position of the “Serenissima” (Republic of Venice) over the centuries.


The city is famous for its Arena, which makes it a prestigious centre of culture and entertainment. In its various districts, you can admire a magnificent combination of art, architecture and urban layout, dating from the ancient period of Roman splendour to the present day.


The city is one of the oldest in the Veneto region. Historians claim that it was founded by the Euganean people and was later annexed to Roman rule. It is also known as “the city of Palladio”, whose works are dotted around the city and the neighbouring area.


The city is located in an area with many streams and rivers. The most renowned is the River Botteniga, which crosses the entire historic centre, making Treviso a charming and unique city. The symbol of the culinary tradition of Treviso is its red “radicchio” (chicory), which has a distinct and delicately bitter taste.

The Euganean Hills are a group of volcanic mounds that rise like islands in the middle of the Po Valley and give shape to a unique mountainous area. Since the hills are isolated from other mountainous areas and the composition of the soil is varied, a large number of animal species have proliferated that live in close contact even though they require different climates.

Fifteen municipalities are located in the Euganean Hills and all of them come under the province of Padua. In medieval times, the special conformation of the area encouraged the building of forts to defend the territory, thus some municipalities still preserve their ancient charm. These tourist areas in the Veneto region offer unique views and walled towns of art, where past and bring together a combination of history and nature.

A short description of the 15 municipalities and their main features follows:

abano terme

Due to its thermal springs, it has always been a favourite tourist destination, so much so that up to 1945 it was called Abano Bagni.

Arquà Petrarca

Considered one of the most characteristic villages in the Euganean Hills, it has ancient origins yet its fame is unquestionably linked to that of the famous poet Petrarch, who lived there during the last years of his life.


It stands out as a predominantly hilly territory, where agricultural and winemaking activities take place. Today, it is a quiet town with many churches and villas to visit in the vicinity.

Battaglia Terme

It is the smallest municipality in the province of Padua but also the most original due to its historic centre that overlooks canals that make it look like a riverside town.

Cervarese Santa Croce

It includes the hamlets of Montemerlo, Fossona and Cervarese. It has ancient origins and is nestled among woods and streams that have given rise to many natural attractions just waiting to be discovered.

Cinto Euganeo

This municipality, situated in the very heart of the Euganean Hills, is of Roman origin as its name reveals. It includes the hamlets of Fontanafredda, Cinto, Valnogaredo and Faedo.


It is one of the oldest towns in the Euganean Hills, since it dates back three thousand years. This important walled town is also home to the production of ceramics and is the cradle of the ancient Veneti race.

Galzignano Terme

The municipality is situated between two mountains, Monte Rua and Monte Gallo. It is renowned for its spa centres and the opportunities it offers for doing outdoor sports and trips.

Lozzo Atestino

It is a bordering area featuring a flat plain, crossed by several streams, with Monte Lozzo in the middle.


An important military centre situated to the south-east of the Euganean Hills, Monselice has a historic centre nestled between the slopes of two hills, one hosts the Rocca (fort) and the other Monte Ricco. Thanks to its particularly favourable geographical position, it is now a strategic location for the area of Padua and an important rail and road hub.

Montegrotto Terme

Situated at the foot of the Euganean Hills, it is part of the largest spa complex in Europe. It is home to the first museum of live butterflies in Italy, which hosts many rare live specimens.


It includes the hamlets of Bastia and Carbonara and extends through the territory between the plain and the slopes of Monte Grappa and Monte della Madonna.


The municipality, situated to the west of the city of Padua, comprises an extensive territory that includes hamlets on the plain and in the mountains. Appreciated since ancient times for its healthy climate, it is still a prime destination for tourists.


The municipality, situated in the north-east of the Euganean Hills, is divided into two areas, one on the plain and the other in the hills.

Vò Euganeo

The municipality of Vò lies on the border with the province of Vicenza, thus it is known as the “Western Gate” of the Euganean Hills. It is renowned for its production of wines and trachyte.

If you stay in the Euganean Hills, we recommend that you also visit the cities of Padua, Venice, Verona and Vicenza. Each one of these major cities in the Veneto region has a different story to tell. Ask us for information about them and we will be happy to help you!

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