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It is impossible not to stop and taste some good wine of the Euganean Hills. Monte Fasolo wine farm and Le Volpi holiday farm are situated on soils of volcanic origin, in a microclimate that is ideal for the growth of lush vegetation covering slopes with chestnut and oak woods. The mineral soil leaves its distinctive mark on the grapes grown on these hills.They are skilfully processed in the wine cellar to make unique products with a strong character.

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We are continuing a long tradition of winemaking. Our wines excel in Italian and international competitions, making the great potential of our terroir known to everyone.


Monte Fasolo wine bar, overlooking the slopes of the Euganean Hills, is always ready to welcome those who want to enjoy a little relaxation. You can taste the wines of our wine farm paired with typical local products, selected from reputable producers and inspired by the highest levels of quality.


Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, where the excellent wines of this land are made, we continue with a guided tour of the wine cellar. The wine cellar features an underground route – more than 200 metres – extending through grottos that help provide the ideal microclimate for Classic Method sparkling wines, a unique example of this territory. Here, you can also discover the world of the historic Monte Fasolo reserve.

Visitors can observe the entire winemaking process: vines, vinification, aging and bottling, and then taste the typical wines of the Euganean Hills. These include the classic and incredibly long-lived Bordeaux reds, Merlot, Cabernet, the rediscovered and intriguing Carménère, the native Moscato Giallo Fior d’Arancio DOCG in a sweet sparkling and raisin wine version and a dry vinified version. The latter surprises with its elegant explosion of aromas, masterfully balanced by the minerality and sapidity offered by volcanic soils.