Organic – Vegan Wine

Le Volpi Farm has produced organic wine since 2013 and vegan wine since 2016, with production that is certified ORGANIC and VEGAN by ICEA, the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute.

Organic Wine

Organic Wine

Wine is defined as “organic” when organic grapes are grown in the vineyard without the aid of synthesized chemical substances (fertilizers, weed killers, fungicides and pesticides in general) and without the use of genetically modified organisms.  In the winery, fermentation is conducted using only oenological products and processes authorized by European Regulation 203/2012.

Our company uses winegrowing and winemaking practices that approach the concept of sustainable agriculture, respecting the soil in the vineyard and biodiversity. For this reason, the vineyards are not treated with copper and organic substances, but rather with low “carbon footprint” natural products and plant protection products.

Our winery limits the use of wine additives, particularly sulphites, and reduces the use of treatments, filtrations, and stabilization processes.




Vegan Wine

Vegan Wine

Wine is defined as “vegan” when no ingredients, wine additives, filters, membranes and other processing aids of animal origin are used in the entire production cycle.

In practice, our wine is not treated at any stage of the production line with products of animal origin, like egg albumen, animal gelatine or isinglass. In fact, the must and wine are clarified only with products of plant and mineral origin. In addition, we do not use foods, ingredients, additives or processing aids obtained from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) introduced in the environment.

Our wines are Allergen Free, meaning they have a low sulphite content and are free of allergens like milk and egg derivatives.




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