The oil of theEuganean Hills

Oil has always played a vital role in Italian cuisine, a product of the land, one that unmistakably enhances the flavour of even the most humble dishes and one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

In the Euganean Hills, its history has found an identifiable place, its name has found a location where it has become a passion. The olive tree has close links with the Euganean Hills area, whose volcanic origin has allowed it to proliferate. For many centuries, four native crops have flourished: Rasara, Marzemina, Rondella and Matosso. These favour the production of olives and oils with various characteristics and qualities, some of which are covered by a Protected Designation of Origin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil was introduced in the Euganean Hills a long time ago. Some sources record its presence as far back as the Pliocene era but olive trees have grown on the Po Valley plain since pre-Roman times. Under the rule of the Venetian Republic, oil production in the Euganean Hills was developed and consolidated from the 15th century onwards.

In keeping with the local tradition and their own production philosophy, Le Volpi and Monte Fasolo farms produce oil using traditional methods, from picking the olives by hand – from more than 5,000 of their own olive trees – to pressing them within eight hours of harvesting in our own oil mill to obtain top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Oil from the Euganean Hills has a balanced aroma. It is neither too bitter nor too spicy, with fruity and grassy notes and an aftertaste of sweet almonds. This extra virgin olive oil with a fruity aroma stands out for its colour, which ranges from deep green to a very bright yellow.

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