The wine of theEuganean Hills

A land of passion, colours, lights and flavours; the ideal land for making our wine of the Euganean Hills. 

These hills, which rise up in the heart of the Veneto region between the provinces of Padua and Vicenza, offer spectacular views, unforgettable experiences of being surrounded by nature and an excellent product: the wine of the Euganean Hills. 

This soil, of volcanic origin, is particularly suited to the growth of lush vegetation that covers slopes with dense woods of chestnut and oak trees. Due to its volcanic origin, the soil is particularly rich in minerals, providing exceptional nourishment for local crops, predominantly vines. Its native and international varieties cover the hillsides and valleys of the Euganean Hills with their different colours and shapes. Their position provides the ideal conditions for the ripening of various grape varieties. The volcanic soil gives our wines their minerality, longevity and distinctly recognisable character.

The Mediterranean climate, which in some areas of the territory provides particularly favourable conditions, is also ideal for the development of olive growing, which is now established in several areas of the Euganean Hills. These features of our territory have become a passion for us: the vine and the olive tree, wine and oil, this union made of history and tradition, commits us to constant research in order to rediscover the original taste and experience the inextricable bond with the land we come from.