Vineyardsand olive groves

Our story began among the vines and olive trees of Veneto.

Together the Monte Fasolo and Le Volpi estates are a major producer, a virtuous example for the local economy. Every day, they are committed to the attentive and meticulous cultivation of vines and olive trees.

We aim to preserve the land and work it with respect and dedication in order to grow healthy and undamaged fruit that gives rise to quality products and expresses a clear identity capable of representing the Euganean Hills.


The vineyards in Cinto Euganeo and in the Euganean Hills appear to have been tended since time immemorial, becoming the natural outcome of an age-old viticultural tradition.



Vines are grown in three macro-areas: in San Gaetano and Mount Rusta in the municipality of Cinto Euganeo, and in Le Tavole in the municipality of Baone. They include more uniform territories such as Le Tavole, and more rugged territories such as Mount Rusta and San Gaetano. We can therefore rely on different types of terroir, microclimates and soil conformations, which allow us to plant specific varieties depending on the end product we want to obtain.

Quality remains the main focus of our production: on our plots, we use green pruning, checkerboarding and the removal of double shoots on vines. This reduces production per hectare in the vineyard but guarantees the high quality of our grapes and therefore of our wine.

Our vineyards are planted with native and international grape varieties with DOC status in the Euganean Hills. These include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Garganega, Pinella, Glera, Incrocio Manzoni, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco. We are passionately dedicated to growing Carménère and native Moscato Giallo Fior d’Arancio, the only DOCG wine in the Euganean Hills.

Carménère, our first “seed”

The Monte Fasolo estate is focusing on a grape variety that is definitely suited to the microclimate of the hills in Cinto Euganeo. As is has such a very deep ruby red colour, it is believed that the name of the wine comes from the Latin word “carmina”, i.e. red. It has a rich, sumptuous bouquet, featuring fleshy fruit accompanied by hints of spices, herbs and elegant green notes. It has distinct ethereal hints of rhubarb and chocolate.

On the palate, it is a full-bodied, tannic wine, yet softened by a velvety warmth that delights the palate, without ever becoming too aggressive. Its tannins are savoury and bold. It is, however, a very difficult grape to grow and finding the right balance is a major challenge for winemaking. This grape variety has a very long and slow ripening process and low acidity.


Olive groves are situated in a wood of more than 120 hectares, where there are more than 5,000 olive trees, some of them centuries old. These include 10 hectares of BioP certified olive groves.

Following the local tradition and our own inspiration, our farms have started producing oil based on traditional methods: from harvesting “by hand” to olive pressing.

The result is a PDO certified extra virgin olive oil called Santa Lucia del Rusta.

The existence of an oil mill on the Monte Fasolo farm is also a value-added factor for production. We can therefore press our olives within 8 hours of harvesting and obtain an oil with very low acidity and little oxidation.