Our story begins in the Veneto of vines and olive groves. A story of restoration, family passion and enhancement of a unique area.

Winery and farmhouse in the Euganean Hills

Le Volpi Estate

Winery in the Euganean Hills

Monte Fasolo Estate

A passion for this area led the Rossi Luciani family to discover these deserted establishments, and to include them in an ambitious project to restore the business and to enhance the surrounding territory. The merging of these activities – boasting over 200 acres of land, vineyards and olive groves – has given life to the largest expanse of private property in the Euganean Hills. This winery and estate in the Euganean Hills stands out thanks to its strong focus on sustainable development. A combination of wine-producing, overnight accommodation and restaurant service offers a comprehensive and unique experience of the area.

“We believe in the rediscovery of a natural momentum, in living to the steady rhythm of the vines and grapes, in a slow lifestyle.”

Luigi Rossi Luciani

Our philosophy

Beyond “Bio”

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