Golf club


The Euganean Hills are a true paradise for golf-lovers; you can play all year round on four beautiful courses which are rich in history, technical and yet enchanting in their natural settings, all within a half-an-hour’s car journey from our Le Volpi farmhouse.

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Padova’s first ever golf course, founded in 1962. Today the course includes 27 holes located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, bordering with the seventeenth-century Villa Barbarigo, designed by the English architect John Harris from the Cotton studio in London.

Via Noiera, 57
35030 Galzignano Terme (PD)
Tel +39.049.9130078


Montecchia’s Golf Club was born in 1988 under the initiative of a group of eager entrepreneurs from Padova. It boasts a Championship Course designed by the English architect Tom Macaulay, who has hosted editions of the Challenge and the Alps Tour.

Via Montecchia, 12
35030 Selvazzano Dentro Padova (ITALY)
Tel. +39 049 8055550


The club house, converted from a splendid seventeenth-century country house, elegantly restored and furnished, is placed within a wonderful park designed towards the mid-nineteenth century by the famous Venetian architect Giuseppe Jappelli.

Via Rialto, 5/A
35030 Rovolon (PD)
Tel. +39 049 991 07 22

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Parks and activities for children

and activities
for children

The best activities for children in the Euganean Hills, in the vicinity of our farmhouse.

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Cava Bomba Park

In Cinto Euganeo you can visit the Geo-Paleontological Museum of Cava Bomba. You will find various thematic areas: mineralogy, paleontology, a vast collection of fossils and the remains of a furnace used to work limestone. You can discover the origins of the Euganean Hills and see first-hand the dinosaur replicas along the geological route of Monte Cinto, next to the museum. The ideal destination for a family afternoon!

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Le Fiorine adventure park

Le Fiorine adventure park in Teolo offers 5 trails over 2 hectares of woodland, catering to different ages and levels of physical fitness. With harnesses and carabiners, you can live out the experience as an acrobatic explorer. Each trail has its own colour and specific altitude, from 1 to 14 metres. The equipment is removable and respects the plant life. An eco-friendly holiday for everyone!

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Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio

Valsanzibio’s Monumental Garden, in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, is one of the biggest and best kept gardens. Over 70% of the plants are original and rare, such as the secular 380-year-old California Cedar. Along the route you may admire seventy statues in white Istrian stone, rich in symbolism and mythology. The Labyrinth, one of the oldest in the world, offers an adventurous experience with choices to make and obstacles to overcome, as well as a spectacular view from the tower in the middle. Art and mythology merge into each other in this garden; perfect for a pleasant family day out.

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Butterfly Arc

Butterfly Arc, the first Butterfly House in Italy since 1988, is located just a few kilometres away from our property. Here you may admire over 400 butterfly species from all over the world, and watch up-close their development from small eggs to beautiful butterflies. The surrounding area is rich in exotic plants, which  thanks to the greenhouse, create a tropical climate. In the Fairy Wood, your children can meet mythological characters such as trolls, elves, fairies, gnomes and other enchanted friends. A magical place to spend a unique family outing.

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The Path of the Faces

When walking down the Anello R2 Gruppo San Giorgio footpath, if you look hard enough along the route, you will meet a series of faces carved into the stone by the artist Alfredo Barbieri. The Path of the Faces is the perfect way to start an exciting treasure hunt with your children. How many will you be able to spot?!

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Buzzaccarini Park

Buzzaccarini park is a large green oasis in the city of Monselice, where concerts, workshops and open-air games are often staged. One zone is dedicated to the Botanical Garden, where you can spot over 2560 specimens of native and non-native plants. Inside the park you will also find a pizzeria serving locally-sourced products.

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So, there are activities for all tastes, to make your holiday in the Euganean Hills a magical moment of discovery and culture even for younger visitors.

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Walking routes


The Euganean Hills’ best routes for walking and trekking in the vicinity of our farmhouse.

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There is no better way to discover the Euganean Hills than by walking along the stunning and inspirational trails, getting to know the diverse flora and fauna of the area, and discovering the remains of trenches and strongholds created during the Second World War.

With evocative landscapes and a range of panoramas, the Euganean Hills are the ideal destination for lovers of hill-walking, and for those who are interested in a historical-cultural stay, as well as looking for good food!


Footpath 12 of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills is a beautiful trail to follow on foot or by bike; a discovery of geometrical fields and thick woodland dominated by chestnut trees. The surrounding vegetation and the layout of the nearby territory help to make Footpath 12 a real experience of nature exploration.

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If you are experienced excursionists, the Atestino Pathway will reward you with an immersive experience of the Euganean Hills. You will cross landscapes in continuous evolution, from woods of holm oak and chestnut trees, through the gentle profile of hills and plains, to views of steep volcanic peaks. You cannot miss the ancient hamlets and picturesque hillside towns which add to the appeal and authenticity of the trail

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Along footpath n°9 you can admire breathtaking views, cross woods of chestnut trees and admire the ancient, imposing “maronari” (100 year old Marron chestnut trees). Lifting your gaze towards Monte Venda, in the vicinity of the big television antenna, you can make out the remains of the ancient Olivetani Monastery.

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Enoteca Monte Fasolo offers an unmissable tasting experience for lovers of trekking and good wine. The tasting begins with an excursion among the vineyards and woods of Monte Fasolo, where you can appreciate the extraordinary biodiversity of our hills. At the end of the trail, you can taste the Euganean wines, paired with mixed food platters and a wonderful view of the hills. For more information and available dates, visit the Enoteca’s website.

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Whichever route you decide to take, the Euganean Hills will definitely not disappoint you! For further information, we are happy to be of assistance.

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Turistic cities

Art cities
and places
to visit

The best art cities and the best sites to see in the vicinity of the Euganean Hills and our farmhouse. We are at the heart of the Euganean Hills and at the centre of a region rich in splendid artistic and cultural cities.

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Many Veneto villas line our land, such as Villa dei Vescovi in Torreglia; a perfect example of structural harmony between the building and the surrounding environment. There are also castles: Castello del Catajo in Battaglia Terme, built between 1570 and 1573, at the foot of Montenuovo; Castello di Monselice, which in time evolved from a defensive tower to a Veneto villa; Castello di San Martino della Vaneza in Cervarese Santa Croce, and Castello di San Pelagio in Due Carrare, of which only the battlement tower remains intact.


Museums and monasteries deserve a section to themselves, as they’re rich in history and culture and are dotted throughout our region. For example the Monastero di San Daniele (Saint Daniel’s monastery) in Abano Terme, built by the Montagnone family between 1076 and 1078. Further exploration of the area surrounding the province of Padova leads us to the Abbazia di Praglia (the Abbey of Praglia) and the Museo Nazionale Atestino (Atestino National Museum).



Mediaeval cultural capital and home to one of the oldest universities in the world. Padova boasts masterpieces such as the cycle of frescoes that Giotto painted for the Cappella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni chapel) in the fourteenth century. It’s the destination of many pilgrims who come from all over the world to visit the Basilica of Saint Anthony, where the body of the Saint is preserved.


Venice, the city built on water, founded on riches gained from maritime commerce with the East. Byzantine influences seen in the use of mosaics and gold are to date, visible proof of the “Serenissima”’s (the Venetian Republic’s) importance over the centuries.


Famous for its Arena, which makes Verona a renowned centre for culture and performance. Among its suburbs you can admire a splendid merging of art, architecture and urban planning from the ancient time of Roman splendour to today.


Among the oldest of the Veneto cities: historians say Vicenza was founded by the Euganeans and subsequently annexed to Roman rule. Also known as “the city of Palladio”, who dotted the city and its surroundings with his work.


Situated in an area rich in water resources. The old town is crossed by the Botteniga, the city’s most famous river, making Treviso a unique and enchanting city. The symbol of Treviso’s cuisine is red radicchio, with its unmistakable delicate yet bitter taste.


abano terme

Thanks to the thermo-mineral springs, Abano Terme has always been a popular tourist destination, so much so that until 1945 it was known as Abano Baths.

Arquà Petrarca

Considered one of the Euganean Hills’ most typical hamlets, Arquà Petrarca has very ancient origins: its fame is indisputably linked to that of the famous poet Francesco Petrarca, who spent the last years of his life there.


Characterised by a predominantly hilly territory, with numerous farming and wine-making businesses. Today Baone is a serene village with churches and villas to visit nearby.

Battaglia Terme

The smallest town in the province of Padova, but also its most original, due to the old town which overlooks its canals, making Battaglia Terme resemble a riverside village.

Cervarese Santa Croce

Including the hamlets of Montemerlo, Fossona and Cervarese. With ancient origins, Cervarese Santa Croce lies between woods and waterways, which have given life to many natural beauties to be discovered.

Cinto Euganeo

Located in the heart of the Euganean Hills, with Roman origins in its name. Cinto Euganeo Includes the hamlets of Fontanafredda, Cinto, Valnogaredo and Faedo.


One of the oldest cities of the Euganean Hills: Este dates back three thousand years. It is an important walled city, land of pottery, and cradle of the ancient Veneto civilisation.

Galzignano Terme

Located between two peaks, Monte Rua and Monte Gallo, Galzignano Terme is renowned for its spa facilities and the opportunities it holds for open-air sport and excursions.

Lozzo Atestino

A borderland, Lozzo Atestino is characterised by its low-lying location crossed by waterways and by the Monte Lozzo peak.


An important military centre located to the South-East of the Euganean Hills, Monselice boasts an old town which lays between the slopes of two hills, those of Rocca and Monte Ricco. Thanks to its particularly fortunate geographical placement, today it’s a landmark for the territory of Padova and an important railway and road hub.

Montegrotto Terme

Located at the foot of the Euganean Hills and part of the biggest spa resort in Europe. Montegrotto Terme boasts the first Italian museum of live butterflies, home to numerous and rare specimens.


Including the hamlets of Bastia and Carbonara, Rovolon stretches between the plain and the slopes of Monte della Madonna.


Located to the west of the city of Padova, Teolo’s territory covers a wide area of villages both in the plain and on the hillsides. Admired since antiquity for its healing atmosphere, Teolo is still a popular destination for tourists.


Divided into two zones, one low-lying and the other hilly, Torreglia lies in the north-eastern quadrant of the Euganean Hills.

Vò Euganeo

The town of Vò is located at the border with the province of Vicenza and for this reason is known as the “Eastern Gate” of the Euganean Hills. Vò is renowned for its production of wine and trachyte.

Staying in the Euganean Hills is an enriching and engaging experience: ask us for further information regarding the area, we are happy to help!

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Cycling routes


The best cycling routes in the Euganean Hills, in the vicinity of our farmhouse.

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Family cycling holidays are a simple and healthy way to have an unforgettable experience, in close contact with nature and the diverse landscape of the Euganean Hills.

There are many cycling routes, of varying length, which provide a great way to spend a day in the fresh air, peddling carefree and contemplating the natural and artistic wonders of the area.


There are many cycling tours we would recommend; some are even suitable for beginners, such as the Cycling tour of Abano Terme’s shrines, consisting of cycle paths and unpaved roads to travel on at your own speed and time.

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Another very interesting route is the circular cycling route around the Euganean Hills, which takes you from the Bassanello-Padova area to Vò Vecchio, or to Bastia di Rovolon, or even to Montegrotto. It passes through archaeologically fascinating places, such as the Catajo Castle, Villa Capodilista, Este’s Duomo, the Valbona Castle and many more. Thanks to this route you can travel through a large part of the province of Padova, visiting a series of monuments and buildings of high artistic value.

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If it’s your first time exploring the Euganean Hills on mountain bikes however, the first route we would recommend is quite challenging, but very rewarding: a complete tour of the great Teolo Valley, travelling the ridges and the backbone of the most North-Eastern area of the Euganean Hills.

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For lovers of city bikes however, we would recommend a route that takes you from Este to Montagnana, which runs partially along the bank of the Frassine river, in a landscape far from industrial warehouses or busy roads, and rich in remarkable nature and landscape.

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Do you want to visit the southern areas of Padova? If so, this is the route for you: explore the countryside of Conselvano, the vast stretch of plain enclosed by the Euganean Hills and marked by the Canale Battaglia and the Bacchiglione-Roncajette river.

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Whichever route you decide to take, the Euganean Hills area will definitely not disappoint you! For further information, we are happy to help.

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Wellbeing centres


The best wellbeing centres and spas, in the vicinity of our farmhouse.

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The cities of Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia, Teolo, and Galzignano represent the biggest spa resort in Europe, specialised in mud therapy and thermal treatments. Hotels in these resorts are affiliated with the National Health Service and therefore, thanks to their healing activities which are performed under the surveillance and responsibility of specialised medical staff, represent the excellence of thermal treatment in the Veneto.

The therapeutic properties of these wellbeing centres in the Veneto are used to treat various illnesses, especially rheumatic and joint-related, such as arthritis, disc problems, neck pains, hernias, periarthritis, articular rheumatism, osteoporosis and other degenerative forms, fibrosis and fibromatosis, bronchitis, pharyngitis and rhinitis, ear infections, and many other conditions. The benefits of a cycle of thermal treatments are long-lasting and don’t cause the same damage to the gastric tract that anti-inflammatory medication can.


For more information on wellbeing centres in the Veneto and the Euganean Hills, we recommend you visit the official “Thermae Abano Montegrotto” website.

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The Terme di Relilax Boutique Hotel & Spa offers thermal pools equipped with hydromassage, some with aromatherapy and others with in-wall cascades for neck massage. It also offers a mini pool of magnesium-potassium water, a Finnish sauna and biosauna, a Turkish bath, an exciting walkway over river-stones and exhilarating showers.

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